Monthly To Do List

Day 13: Creating a Monthly To Do List | 100DaysofaNewYear.comEach month brings it’s own share of to dos. They might be tasks or activities that are consistent month-to-month or unique to that particular month. Monthly to do lists might come in the form of a calendar. A calendar, whether paper or online, is a vital element to making the most of the New Year.

New Year Navigation | 100DaysofaNewYear.comThe New Year Navigation for today is to prepare for the month ahead by creating a Monthly To Do List. Take a look at your Yearly To Do List. Note all perpetual events (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays). If you have a habit of sending Grandma’s card late, count backward from her birthday to the day when the card should be mailed. Add “Mail Grandma’s Card” to your calendar. Next, list the known seasonal/monthly tasks/activities that in the lineup for the month.

Use ListPlanIt’s Monthly To Do List* as a worksheet to prioritizing your tasks and making the most of each month.

* Available to print/download in the 100 Days of a New Year 2013 eBook.

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